photocrati gallery

About two years ago I was asked to photograph the CEO of one of my very large international accounts. Well the company loved the images and of course wants to use a different image from the same shoot for a new publication. While searching through the files I found several images of Violette Markelou who had worked with me on that assignment. She had posed at different locations as we tested lighting and nailed down absolute locations where each image would be taken so we wouldn’t compromise the CEO’s time. Violetta is not only a talented photographer but also an expert make-up artist and stylist and I was fortunate to have her with me. For obvious reasons the CEO never looked quite as good as my test subject, never the less it was still a very successful shoot. And as a side note, the most beautiful wedding on line that I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of weddings) was Violetta’s which was in Greece and photographed by my close friend the renown artist and the internationally known  Yassine El Mansouri.