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Every holiday season we get calls from past clients and it’s always a pleasant surprise as it was with the Naito family when Neil, the dad, called and scheduled an appointment in our Rockville, Maryland studio. We hadn’t seen the children since they were very small and how they have grown! After we finished most everything young Kenneth, now 15 years old, pulled out his violin and put on a black shirt. He proceeded to play Prokofiev Violin Concerto No. 1 which resonated from our studio throughout the house as it brought goose bumps to my skin. He has performed in Russia, Italy and Germany. He’s played with the Kostroma Symphony Orchestra, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, the Colombia Orchestra, and the London Towne Symphony. It turns out that he has been playing for 11 years and is studying under Naoko Tanaka plus he attends Juilliard Pre-College. It’s also noteworthy that his Mom and Sister are accomplished violists.