Shalom Baranes - Architect

Shalom Baranes – Architect

Shalom took a great portrait, he reminded me a little of Tony Shalhoub who played ‘Monk’ on the TV series. Social media, such as, Facebook and Linked-In seem to be attracting a lot more executive portrait business, it seems everyone wants a professional profile image to post. Some people are getting downright creative while others want to maintain the professional look of the past. Curtis Preutt, who is responsible for all the publications for the National Capital Division of the Boy Scouts of America, took an image of me that was quite creative while we were  testing a portable studio set up at the Marriott Scouting Center in Bethesda. I think this image will be suitable for one of my many profiles on line. Now if you want to see really creative, friend Miriam Lomaskin, who is  the film editor and head photographer for the Holocaust Museum, on her Facebook page. She uses an iPhone for most of her images on Facebook and they’re unbelievably great. Her profile images change now and then and are fun to watch, especially if you know her. My point is business will continue to increase for the creative professional because we are all using e-mail, web pages and social media to communicate and get business and there seems to be a more personal connection when we can see one another. Think of it, every time an e-mail shows up in outlook we may have the opportunity to see an image of the person sending it and the same goes for social media.