Governor of Delaware_WebOne of my many assignments today was to photograph Jack Markell the Governor of Delaware who is chairman of the board of JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) which was meeting at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill.  A photographer might not be shooting pictures of a governor every day. But we are often called on to photograph business executives and many of the same principles that applied when I was photographing Governor Markell were the same later in the day when I was shooting a series of executive portraits at the Moran Company which is a health care research and constulting firm with expertise in Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement located in Arlington, VA. These particular images will be used for their website. My biggest challenge is to keep the subjects engaged with the camera, I find it helpful to use a tripod so I can make eye contact while pressing the shutter. Most clients with the exception of CEO’s, public speakers and politicians have a tendency to recede away from the camera and it’s my objective to get the subject to project towards the camera. With the Moran Company I had nine subjects and some watched on as I photographed their co-workers, in this situation, it’s not easy to keep people relaxed and engaged but I had to do it. My equipment is very portable so I walked around the office moving away from the co-workers and isolating the subject to control the situation. When I photograph large law firms or companies with 20 or more partners or employees I schedule the sessions for five minutes between each person for that very reasonWomens Portrait the Moran Company. While photographing the Moran Company I used both natural light and studio light and sometimes even the combination of the two. It’s important to remember that one must work fast, for example I had five minutes with the Governor on location and very limited lighting equipment. Most of the time I rely on one off camera light which is usually a Nikon flash in a soft box or some sort of light modifier on a rolling stand and oh yes, I always bring a collapsible reflector.  Business Publications_web