photocrati galleryThe McLean Family is a returning portrait client and will qualify for one half off their next session fee plus we will include an 11×14 custom finished print. When Bette asked Catherine, the older daughter, if she liked having an younger sister, Catherine without hesitation answered, “yes”. Emma, the youngest, was to be our focus for the session, however, we always try to keep an even balance when photographing siblings. The parents are delightful, Frank and Kim brought several outfits for the girls, even more than we could use but that’s a good thing because it gave us a choice. The session went on for nearly two hours and we exposed over 300 images. We saved the outside for last. Although it was hot the children didn’t seem to mind and I believe it’s because generally children love to be outdoors and as a result that’s where we do some of our finest work. I keep using the word ‘we’ because Bette and I work as a team. I can’t imagine photographing a portrait session involving children without my wife, as a matter of fact, the images are always filled more with great expressions and meaningfulness when she is by my side.

The second image of the girls outside has been digitally painted for canvas on a stretcher frame and then we will add brush strokes to enhance the digital oils and canvas. This will be custom framed in gold leaf and eventually used as large display print in our studio.