I will add images of these incredible women athletes to this gallery as I complete the final artwork throughout this week. All the images were taken in our Rockville, Maryland studio. We spent nearly two hours taking individual portraits, sports action, group photographs by class year and the entire group and then repeated the shoot again using a construction theme. There are 17 athletes on the GWU Women’s gymnastics team and they were incredibly organized, the coaches had the entire shoot choreographed just as though the women were about to compete in a event. Head coach Margie Cunningham acted as a stylist and art director, while my wife helped me with the finer studio details, such as, movement of the lights and reflectors for different poses. She also acted as a stylist. I had another photographer, Tom Carrington, who was responsible for shooting all the candid’s. I alone exposed over 460 images and Tom photographed over 200 candid’s. My wife and I will edit down to about 40 or 50 finished images.photocrati gallery