Elizabeth Taylor

In 1979 I was hired to do a series of photographs for Dominique’s Restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. All the assignments were directed toward publicity for the restaurant, including being driven by limo to Chantilly, VA to photograph Dominique with buffalo. A photograph he eventually used on his menu because it was served in the restaurant. It turns out that Dominique was in the French underground during World War II and he was quite the hero. We had a long talk on the limo drive. However, the most memorable assignment was photographing Elizabeth Taylor at the restaurant. There was a cast dinner for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and Dominique had the red carpet at his entrance with TV coverage. Things became very interesting when Dominique asked me to come into the dinner and photograph him with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor because Richard Burton asked that no photographers be allowed in during the dinner. To say the least, he was very irritated with me, but Elizabeth Taylor was very gracious and grabbed my arm to lead me around to get her photograph with cast members. She was a class act and to be sure, an icon much like Marilyn Monroe.

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