The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum deeply mourns the passing of Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, Nobel laureate, and international leader of the Holocaust remembrance movement. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, at a time when the world could not bear to remember, he could not bear to forget. Through his singular moral leadership, intellect, and eloquence, he gave voice to those who had been silenced forever and devoted his life to fulfilling the promise of “never again” for all future victims of genocide. The Nobel Committee described him as a “messenger to mankind.” He was one of the few whose message was not just delivered, but heard. To the end of his days, he mourned that it had yet to inspire the action he envisioned. Read more:…/pr…/in-memoriam/elie-wiesel-19282016

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's photo.
Photo by Carl Cox for the United States Holocaust Museum