I was testing my portable lighting equipment in our Rockville studio today for an assignment next week and at the end of the month. I used my niece, Ciara Congdon, as a model, she gets her good looks from her mother. Location assignments are demanding more sophisticated set-ups, especially when I work with designers and the images go into publication. I am using a large parabolic umbrella with powerful light (400 & 800 watt second units). The next step is to test the lighting outside for a wedding in New York at end of June. I want to thank Nesh my alert associate for unintentionally pushing me back into a more creative direction. My next blog will go into more detail about how I approach lighting using neutral density filters outside in mid day with powerful lighting which is very handy for weddings. It’s much like one would see in fashion photography and the process is much simpler than one could imagine.