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Amanda Maehrlein – Associate Photographer

Amanda is a new member of our team who Graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a BFA in commercial photography in 2010. During her college years she was awarded the winning entry to […]


Trump in the Early Years

I was commissioned in the 90’s to take portraits of Donald Trump at Trump Plaza in New York city. My wife and I set up a portable studio in his conference room. As we patiently […]


Elie Wiesel

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum deeply mourns the passing of Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, Nobel laureate, and international leader of the Holocaust remembrance movement. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, at a time when […]


National’s Fan

I am a Nationals fan, after all, Washington, DC is my hometown.


Utility of the Future Leadership Forum Highlights

Photographed at the Metro Marriott in Washington, DC