Ann & Mike’s Wedding

I’ve already poured through thousands of images to assemble this quick blog. Last week I was in Michigan on assignment and was set to fly home on Southwest Airlines on Friday and the very next morning I had this wedding at St. Mathews in DC. As it turns out the airlines had a computer crash and had been cancelling flights all week, however, my flight was scheduled to fly but there was one glitch, no Captain to pilot the plane and the flight was going to be delayed or possibly cancelled when out of nowhere an attractive young women emerged to the front of the line waiting to get on the plane. It seems she was a Captain flying to Baltimore, my destination, but she was without a uniform. Well the airlines let her pilot the plane anyway and I arrived home.

My wife and Nesh Brankovic, of Nesh Photography, worked tirelessly both assisting me and taking beautiful images. This wedding was truly a love story with deep spiritual feelings throughout. I truly believe we were destined to be part of this moment in time.

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