Alyssa and her Dad, my close friend, Scott Herman came to our Rockville studio for some ballet portraits. My intention was to create an old fashion look using light modifiers with grids and spot lights with scrims to produce images that had an artsy look. As I looked at the test images there was an illustrative feeling that took over, I began to feel as though I was painting with light. I even turned some of the images into black & white while shooting, something I never attempt to do.  The most amazing element was Alyssa, a young dancer at the Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & Academy, who from the very moment we started, choreographed her own poses and movement.  Many years ago I did a little work with the National School of Ballet and the National Ballet and there has always been an instructor and/or choreographer and even an art director to guide the movement and poses and help with the studio or stage set. We had lots of fun and my trusty high school assistant, student and intern, Devin Streight, shot a lot of pictures as well. I am privileged to work with such talented and visionary young people  and hope this small sampling of images from a larger body of work conveys the spirit of the moment.