Memorial Day 2013

Flag 1ArtMy wife bought a new flag and I’ve been busy this morning installing it on the balcony off our studio. I believe so deeply in America and have such passion for the troops including all the men and women who have given their lives for us. I’ve had the opportunity, mostly because I live in Washington, DC, to photograph a lot of great Americans from portrait sessions to speeches. My favorite has been General Colin Powell who seems very sincere and can give a very moving speech especially on Memorial Day. Each year I make it a point to go to the Capitol or watch him on the discovery channel at the National Concert. One of my favorite photographs is of one of his speeches in the Rotunda of the US Capitol. Not only was the speech very moving but in the background was a gorgeous oil painting of George Washington. This image is just as I saw it in my viewfinder and will always remain a reminder to me of the importance of leadership and loyalty to others above one’s self that began during the birth of this Nation and carries on today. This should probably be a large display print hanging at the entrance of my studio.

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