George Mitchell

PaintGeorgeMitchell_Web2I was commissioned to photograph George Mitchell at his office in the US Capitol just before he left the Senate in the 1995. He is far and away my favorite statesman. His accomplishments have been monumental for our nation.  Mitchell has taken up a variety of positions in politics and business. “He has taken a leading role in negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, being specifically appointed United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (1995-2001) by President Clinton and as United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009-2011) by President Obama. He was a primary architect of the 1996 Mitchell Principles and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, and was the main investigator in two “Mitchell Reports”, one on the Arab-Israeli Conflict (2001) and one on the Use of Performance enhancing Drugs in Baseball (2007).” I placed the American flag in the foreground to emphasize the fact that he has truly put his country first. This photograph is being enlarged to 30×40 inches and framed for our studio wall of Distinguished Portraits.

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