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Simple and Beautiful

I’ve driven past this church throughout my lifetime and finally stopped this week to expose an image. I once photographed a wedding in Connecticut, many years ago, at a church very similar to this one […]


Denise & Fredo’s Wedding

This was the best wedding of the year! Denise, during her toast, said ” This is the best day of my life.” She and Fredo never stopped smiling and thoroughly enjoyed all of their guests. […]


The GW Colonial Women Gymnastics Team

One of my assignments this week was to photograph the George Washington University women’s gymnastics team at the Lincoln Memorial. My wife and I joined them at 8:00 AM to capture the morning light. The […]


The Fishing Hole

These are images from my fishing trip with my grandson and my son-in-law. It was reminiscent of the days I went fishing with my dad many, many, many years ago. I photographed the images with […]



Alyssa and her Dad, my close friend, Scott Herman came to our Rockville studio for some ballet portraits. My intention was to create an old fashion look using light modifiers with grids and spot lights […]