Moments before the wedding

I exposed this image just minutes before the bride went up the isle using the harsh natural light from a window in the church which seemed to create a Hollywood spotlight feeling at very pensive […]


Mary Alexis Cata

I love the look of an old fashion black and white image taken in the studio. To me, it represents a family history of black and white photographs that go back nearly two centuries. Over […]


Simple and Beautiful

I’ve driven past this church throughout my lifetime and finally stopped this week to expose an image. I once photographed a wedding in Connecticut, many years ago, at a church very similar to this one […]


Denise & Fredo’s Wedding

This was the best wedding of the year! Denise, during her toast, said ” This is the best day of my life.” She and Fredo never stopped smiling and thoroughly enjoyed all of their guests. […]


The GW Colonial Women Gymnastics Team

One of my assignments this week was to photograph the George Washington University women’s gymnastics team at the Lincoln Memorial. My wife and I joined them at 8:00 AM to capture the morning light. The […]